Topic 3

Topic 3: Reflection

E. Back, Piktochart Presentation, 2017

Above is the summary of Topic 3 and the main points I have learned from it. However, for this topic the majority of my learning has come from peer blogs and my interactions with them. I received many comments on my post and some of them have challenged, developed and introduced me to new ideas.

E.Back, Canva Snapshot, 2017

After writing my post, I felt LinkedIn was the best platform to use for a professional profile, backed up with the evidence I had found from Jobvite, Landers and Schmidt stating it was the most popular and most authentic. However, I was challenged by Raziya who suggested that LinkedIn’s self-promotion was inviting fraudulent behaviour and made me take another look at my argument. I’ve now adapted my view.  I still believe that its public nature prevents deception but also that if this deception is not noticed, which is likely, this behaviour can go unpunished.

E.Back, Canva Snapshot, 2017

I was also able to develop my ideas on blogging thanks to the points of Rachel and Ausaf. The questions they raised were; is blogging relevant if not in your chosen field, and like the Sacco case can it be misinterpreted? Personally, I think if a blog’s professionally run then there would be a lack inappropriate nature to be misinterpreted. I think the skills of blogging are appreciated regardless of topic, but it’s brought to my attention that recruiters may dismiss blogs that aren’t relevant to their field.

most prominent comment....jpg
E.Back, Canva Challenge, 2017. Sources:, Jobvite (2014) ,PARCHERLOCK (2017)

Finally, my ideas have also been confirmed from  Eloane’s comment and reading Phil’s blog, who agreed that nicknames are vital in distinguishing your online personas and that they must be easy to find. My conclusions I made from writing my post have now been developed; I believe I have now understood the topic in more depth and my views adapted.

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My Comments:

Parcherlock : (Still awaiting moderation)



Ausaf, Comment, 2017 Available:

E.Back, Piktochart Presentation, 2017

E.Back, Canva Snapshot, 2017

E.Back, Canva Snapshot, 2017

E.Back, Canva Challenged, 2017

eloanerochasemedoeloanerochasemedo, Comment, 2017 Available:

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Parcherlock,  2017 Available:

Parcherlock, Comment, 2017 Available:

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