Topic 4


E. Back, Piktochart, 2017

When given the choices for this post, I decided to be creative and do something different, reinforced during the tutorial when discussion evaded this idea. I decided to turn the tables onto the companies themselves. Initially, this felt like a straight forward answer and I naively had my

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conclusion before I’d begun. After writing the post and a four week gap until the reflection, I’m still changing my mind!

The below shows points I made, and how they now highlight a new argument I could have spoken about. Given a larger word count, this would have been an important area to explore, as it shows a new dilemma in how the government are supposed to respond. I look forward to researching this further.

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E.Back, Canva 2, 2017

An important point to discuss is Black Mirror, although it was briefly mentioned, I was delighted to find something I’d previously watched link so brilliantly. I’ve now added a paragraph after my post explaining the reference in detail.  I think it’s an important source I didn’t emphasise enough.



Black Mirror
E.Back, Topic 4, 2017

The comments section has allowed me to discuss in more detail an area I wasn’t able to due to the word count; Fake News. Caitlin commented her opinion and allowed me to expand on what I’d mentioned in passing. It allowed me to realise that the two areas link very strongly and can also become blurred, resulting in the same dilemmas. Commenting on Louise and Carolina’s blog I was able to educate myself on different area’s of ethics for example fraud and privacy and the lack of security online which allowed me to broaden my ethics understanding in more detail.

E.Back, Topic 4 Comments, 2017

As this reflection shows, my conclusions have changed constantly. This topic wasn’t easy, and is not clear cut. Although I reach a conclusion in my post, upon my reflection that has now changed. There are many more avenues to consider before I can form a complete conclusion. What I can confidently conclude, is that companies of differernt sizes can’t be expected to adapt at the same pace financially.

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E.Back, Piktochart, 2017

E.Back, Canva 1,2017

E.Back, Canva 2, 2017

E.Back, Canva 3, 2017

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