Topic 5

Topic 5: Reflection

During topic 5, I was able to become familiar on an ongoing argument about Open Access that I was previously ignorant to. Open Access means that all information is free to all and easily accessible. After researching into the pros and cons I analysed them from the different viewpoints of the authors, publishers, individual, students and businesses for example. At the end of my post, I came to the conclusion that Open Access would benefit the world of research for everybody involved; such benefits would outweigh any of the temporary costs.

Online Skills

I have become familiar in my skills in displaying important relevant information through aesthetically pleasing infographics. Specifically, I have become comfortable using Canva, Piktochart, Prezzo and embedding presentations to name a few. However, I now have managed to develop my use of infographics by creating a Powtoon and using it to summarise an important area of my argument. The idea of creating a video intimidated me and I have attempted it a few times through out this topic with no success so I am pleased to finally be able to publish one in my posts.

The depth of this argument meant that I wasn’t able to analyse in detail every aspect of the benefits and consequences of Open Access. The argument has a lot of breadth, and considering each viewpoint was difficult to do in enough detail within the word count. However, this topic has allowed me to develop my skills in concisely summarising and identifying the most important points.

Peer Reading

From reading around the other blogs, I was able to learn a lot more.

From commenting on Andrei’s post, I was able to understand the effects on the art industry. When asking Andrei about his views on the impact on young businesses, it opened up a discussion that allowed me to understand it from new point of view.  Free online training courses are cheaper for companies- which link to my own training experiences working at Costa.

most prominent comment...(1).jpg

I’ve found that discussion on twitter it’s very helpful in helping research and decide your conclusion.

Here are some examples:

PmBatchelor, AndreiAngelescu, 2017

I was especially interested to find that a lot of the blogs I read regardless of how critical, had reached the same conclusion, that Open Access was a good idea (Andy) (Brad) (Harriet).



Andy comment:

Andrei Comment:


Harriet,, wordpress, 2017

Brad,, WordPress, 2017

Andy,, wordpress, 2017

Andrei,, wordpress, 2017

PmBatchelor , WordPress, 2017

Andrei,, wordpress, 2017



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