Topic 6

To New Beginnings…

As explained in my introduction, I decided to join UOSM2008 because I always had an interest in starting a blog, so I was optimistic about the skills I would learn and how I could use them to better my professional identity, and in the future make a name for myself online. I was blindly stepping into a module that would drastically help my tech beginner, naïve self. I had no knowledge of the online world beyond social media and funny cat videos.

To prove how little I knew, at the beginning of the module I completed a digital profile self test which rated my level of digital knowledge on a scale of 1 (no experience) to 5 (very experienced). The infographic below shows my progression throughout the module:


Changes to my digital profiles:

I have realised that platforms such as twitter can be used professionally and are a great tool for communication. Originally I had one twitter account for personal use. During the first few weeks when I first learnt about having a professional persona online, I created a professional twitter account which I have used to communicate with my peers throughout the module. I also created a LinkedIn account during Topic 3 in order to help advance my professional online persona, adding to it until it reached an ‘all star’ level. I am now confident in maintaining multiple personal and professional identities online- even within the same platform.



This topic has allowed me to learn new and exciting things that I was ignorant to previously, from digital residency to the technology gap. I was able to time manage, plan and work independently from a tutor while communicating with my peers in a way I have never done before. Surprisingly, having a short word count has helped me in my degree to be concise in my exam technique for economics analysis.

Impressively, I am now able to create my own infographics, all of high relevance and clarity. Although multiple attempts were aborted during the module, I was finally able to master uploading a video in topic 5 that I created on Powtoon which has shown how far I have come from my first post!


The skill of being able to sell myself online and write such varied posts with the same formal professional prose has already benefited me. By proving I can be given a topic to research and concisely produce a report on has enabled me to join a team in writing an Economic paper to be published.

My time spent on this module has been a great success; I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to grow as a user of the internet and gain invaluable career skills. I will most definitely be continuing my blog, as it has become a hobby that I not only enjoy but I’m learning so much from. I look forward to involving myself more in the blogging network and taking my blog to a new Economics level…

Goodbye UOSM2008!

Wordcount: 499

You can find my completed before and after self test here: My self-test Reflection








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