Topic 2

Topic 2: Reflection

During my research into the topic of online identities I realised that this topic has great depth. Online identities are things we can’t help but create if we wish to use the internet as a tool; it’s required by most websites to create a profile. There are many dangers that come with having multiple online identities, as well as the argument for and against anonymity which I was only able to touch on.

From commenting on Caiti’s blog, I was able to see a new side of a critic, Lenhart and Madden, which I had also used. This was really nice to be able to see how other people interpret the same quote and the different argument it showed. As I only touched on the argument of anonymity, it was interesting to discuss this through the comment section on Mary’s blog. I’ve learnt that from commenting on others posts I can learn more about the topic than what I originally found. From the discussion on my post by Harriet I was able to also see that not only is the lack of global law a reason for third parties accessing your information, but it’s also the quality of hardware and software.

While exploring this topic I have used subheadings and a logical layout in order to help keep clarity in my discussion and aid my understanding. I would like to use more sources and try and look at more unique arguments.To conclude, I’ve found this topic very interesting and useful to explore, it’s helped me become more aware of my online presence and the footprints I leave behind. The depth of the topic has taught me to be concise in my writing and focus in detail on specific arguments rather than fit every aspect into the word count.


word count: 299


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