Topic 1

Topic 1-Reflection

img_2584During topic 1 I was asked to explain the concept of digital “visitors” and “residents” and in doing so I barely scraped the surface of such an in depth topic. I’ve realised the overestimation of my residency, and that the internet is more of a place than a tool as described by White (2015). I’ve not only learnt how to use a new platform, WordPress, but i have learnt how our use of the internet can put us into categories depending on our desires. Now I have adjusted to the skills needed for blogging, I’m reaching a new level of “resident” by having an online identity and interacting with other uses.

I underestimated the challenges blogging would present, the tone and format of such posts and how they need to be suited to their audiences. The word counts forced me to be concise and cut throat with my writing, including only relevant information.

The depth of topic one was made apparent when I read other blog posts and how each one addressed a different area of the topic with widespread opinions. Commenting on other posts in a constructive way while being pushed to discuss and challenge opinions helped me look at the topic from varying angles. On Oliver’s post, I was able to trigger more widespread thinking by inviting him to look at the topic from an angle he hadn’t addressed and invited discussion. His post reinforced my opinions that Pensky’s(2001) original argument remained outdated. In Catherine’s post, she addressed her struggle with identifying where she lay on the spectrum allowing me to use discussion of other elements to help her place herself.

Through this module I’m being allowed to discuss topics I wouldn’t normally, expand my knowledge through mine and others research, and discuss with peers.


Word count: 300

White, David (2015) Visitors and Residents

Prensky, M., (2009). From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom


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